Ι  Maha Shivaratri

“Our daily life is full of variety of fragrance . Fragrance , play an important role in our day today life . It also act as a strong medium , for sending non-verbal signals to our brain , based on which , we perceive our surroundings and experience the change in our reaction under a given situation , where we encounter the fragrance”.


The human nervous system has a specific sensory system or organ, dedicated to each sense. Humans have a multitude of senses. Sight (vision), hearing (audition), taste (gustation), smell (olfaction), and touch (somatosensation) are the five traditionally recognised senses . 

Some scholars have broaden the list by making addition in the above list and have included Movement (vestibular system) & Body Awareness (proprioception system) in the sensory system.

Our senses help us to perceive and act , as they encounter the different situations for which they are designed in our body.

Smelling (olfaction) is one of such strong sense which establishes a , strong impression in our mind for a particular kind of smell . This sense has such a high sensory power , which is sufficient enough to help an individual to create a certain kind of idea and perception about the particular kind of smell .

To understand this , in detail , we may willingly can differentiate between the fragrance , as ,  good fragrance & a bad fragrance ( normally a kind of smell which is fractionally tolerable amongst the human being ) . This practice of differentiation would definitely help us to establish , that how strong is our olfaction sense is in actual sense ?

No doubt ! that olfaction is one of the strongest sense present within the human body. It is because it helps in creating memories & reminiscence from our day to day life .

I have mentioned that it creates memories , yes it does create memories , which lasts , in our mind for long . I have personally come across with many people mentioning and attaching there life events with the certain kind of fragrance they have used or come across .While explaining a particular fragrance (sweet smell) they have discussed there achievements , there good life events which occurred and happened to them . Some of them went into the personal sphere of their life while explaining and discussing for a particular fragrance.

Attaining motherhood , meeting new friend , college days , school days , social gatherings etc are some sphere in one’s life , where we find that fragrance plays an important role , in forming and formulating the memories for future for a particular person .

Practically , it is always not possible through our sense of olfaction that a good fragrance , will always help in creating a good memory in our life . If this is the case then, it is actually prompting for a new area which needs our attention. And that area of attention is a question.

Is fragrance is the only foundation of  good memories or it is a secondary element in the process of formulation & building a memory out of our day to day life events ?.

I welcome , my readers to come up with their views on this , as I believe and strongly feel that , everyone has some memories attached to some great & odd fragrances . Your views will definitely  add on to this nice discussion of fragrance world .

Till then , I pray for your safe and healthy stay !

By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂