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~ Ðawn Ђ Dusk ~ BiRtH →`Ins~piration* dream..! free  chance  intelligence* Sat – is – faction* Gö–als”  jou-rn-ey   *Success – destination fun fool *Love fame` SPIRITUALITY run  foul ?  Commitment  ‘realization f-a-l-se confidence`– failure *achievement Hi Readers ! Hope all of you have enjoyed the colour of festival to its optimum 🙂 . I am saying this keeping the fact in front that all of you have enjoyed the leave from the office […]


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Hello Readers !   Hope all of you have enjoyed the festival of colour – Holi  ! The fruit of festivals lies in the state of happiness we attain together while celebrating the festivals together with our family and friends . After my last post of this month – Senses  , its been 18 days , which […]

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Lightning of candle in the sky of faith .. It gives me an eminence pleasure to be here. Lightning of the candle – is my second post after about . To be little specific its just not a post by a blogger , but a warm welcome note to the whole world . I feel […]