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Hope all of you have enjoyed the festival of colour – Holi  !

The fruit of festivals lies in the state of happiness we attain together while celebrating the festivals together with our family and friends .

After my last post of this month – Senses  , its been 18 days , which I feel a quite long gap . Actually I am in the middle of drafting my post , which is still under progress , due to some dependencies . I have planned this post for the month of April 2017 , but it is appearing before . No worries , I am just mentioning this because it happens . And it hardly effect me as a blogger , because when you blog you just have to segregate your thoughts in one place , so when you become an old chap rather a easy chair chap , then you may glance at all these stuff and ask yourself – that how you have made it possible to type all these texts , as by that time – typing will become a relative affair .

It will also give you a great sense of being a blogger , because , by that time this e-book , become voluminous 🙂

I have never thought about , who will continue this journey after me – I mean who will write after me for the same URL .Yes , in computer world , who will be the administrator of DAWN TO DUSK .

Remembering  , once while signing up for email or some other important site – , I exactly don’t remember the site name , but I have found and came across with such options of “transferring your administrator rights” Well its a great thought – as we all know that nothing come to an end on web – its just that the popularity of a particular web-link  which travel from Google 1st page to Google …nth page . But contents never die ! . So I think its a great question in front of all blogger to decide upon their – inheritor . Who will continue there journey after them .

Practically till now , I have not heard about any transfer of admin rights officially , which made news . Hope to see some such events in my life !. Or it might be the case , that it has happened but , I am not aware ? Anyways , I am just sharing this , out of my thought . As everything comes to an end !.

This month has got some new releases of books amongst that God’s Own kitchen is one of them . It is based on some true inspired events and collated in a very informative way . Apart from books the Uttar pradesh election results has also surprised all of us with its results.

Every life events has its own importance and consequences – while living , we must not forget to obtain and follow a healthy life style , so that we can enjoy the every colour of life like #Holi 🙂 . Eating fruits daily , I mean seasonal fruits , is one such habit which can keep us healthy and enhance our immune system . Fruit lovers have different way and style of consuming fruits – I mean for the intake style . It has been seen that , they like to have fruits in the form of salads , juice , jam , smoothies , shakes , pickles etc

* Few Benefits of eating fruits *

⇒ Fruits are the source of vitamins to human body


⇒ Fruits are low in calories , which promote good health with its own natural pigment / juice contained inside.

⇒ Fruits are natural sweeteners

Fruits acts as good anti ageing etc

Out of many benefits , few are  mentioned above . Its always good for us to have seasonal fruits . But as a consumer , we must always take due care , while purchasing the fruits .

Precautions for Healthy Purchase * 

In today’s life , we can’t reject this fact that , we have huge demand of food items and vegetables globally . Hence to meet that demand , producers are using some techniques & chemicals which are out rightly not good for the health . It is trade off , of attaining health through unhealthy means , it seems huge demand are the core accelerators – which compel the producers , to follow such techniques of production . 

It has been experienced in mega cities that fruit sellers using chemicals and artificial wax to enhance the colour , freshness & shelf life of the fruits . Few chemicals are also injected to maintain the appearance , tightness including the fruit outer skin wrinkles . Which even can’t be avoided through , proper wash before the use. It has been reported by many apple consumers , that dipping a apple in hot warm water , releases all its wax coating , used by the seller to bring shine on it .

Like wise , there are many other tricks , which the fruit sellers adopted to attract the consumer & lover of seasonal fruits . The game of demand and supply continues !.

Our Generic Habit  *

A consumer always want to maximize their utility ( as explained in Universal Utility Principal of Consumption or Law of utility of consumption , Law of diminishing marginal utility or Economic theory of consumption ) We as a consumer , want reverse benefit for every penny released out of our pocket for purchasing any thing . Its a mental and numeric calculation which , works when we decide to purchase an article for consumption .

This calculation in a simple term can be understand as a comparison , which we do as a consumer  and this comparison happens considering the two most important component of purchasing that is Price paid for an article for consumption and the (amount of ) benefit the article will produce after such consumption . No Worries , our a human mind 😉 

So , considering this fact , this principal of law of utility also holds good , when we go to market for purchasing fruits . As the visual appearance is the dominating factor , so we always catch up with those fruits having shiny and clean appearance . In a expectation and with a notion , that the fruits having clean and shiny look , will always be a healthy fruit , without knowing the inside story .

But , I believe one must include rationality in the process of obtaining healthy fruit or consumables from the market . As in this fast paced life – its not always true that “what we see , Is what we get “.

Frequent consumption of such fruits may lead us towards bad health , which could be in any form , starting with simple and common diseases like high blood pressure , constipation , indigestion etc . 


All kind of temperate and tropical fruits can be grown in Dungsam region . Mandarin , Mango , Banana , Sugar Cane , Persimmon , Passion fruit , Pineapple , Guava , Jack fruit , Apple , Peach , Plum , Peach Apricot and more , grow in the region . Among the nuts, groundnuts and wall nuts grow well in the region . However , only a few of these fruits are commercially grown .

In recent years , there has been an effort to grow mountain hazelnut in the colder parts of Pemagatshel , which promises to bring about drastic change in the lives of the rural people . An agriculture worker said that improved varieties of temperate fruits are being introduced and promoted in the Dzongkhag . In the warmer region , commercially valuable Avacado fruit is being tried . The result of this venture could determine the prospects of commercial plantation and could perhaps an alternative to failing mandarian .

Stay Healthy 🙂

By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂


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