The South Dhobi Khana

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Hello Readers ! The South Dhobi Khana – hope all of you are doing well in all your life . Life is the only component , which is being evident by all of us , so let’s chuckle on it as its a safe chuckle 🙂 . At the moment , when you chuckling , […]

What would be the title ?

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  Rain during the Indian festivals is normally , seen as a natural hindrance , in the path of enjoyment . It reschedules , our plan and the activities and the next which happens is the , curtailment in the things to do list . But it is also a fact that monsoon in India […]

IPL – Indian Premier League

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“The Khan decision of retaining the team ownership seems better after 2/2 score in IPL 2010. Today the outstanding performance of team and the owner’s vision of re-establishing the team, running parallel to each other. The score string will further decide the the valuation of Kolkata Knight Rider’s as a sporting brand”.

A Monsoon Break in India – The City of Joy

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India is a place of diversity with unity. India’s different states , their culture , lifestyle , food-i-n-g pattern , festivals , languages etc are some bunch of layers , which intrigue the  visitors of this place to unfold , the unseen stories of the land of democracy. Calcutta – The City of Joy  is considered as […]