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Hi Readers !

Hope all of you have enjoyed the colour of festival to its optimum 🙂 . I am saying this keeping the fact in front that all of you have enjoyed the leave from the office work . But those guys , who are comparatively more efficient than their colleagues , might have worked on the very day by having urgent client calls , and even if they have also enjoyed the leave , then pardon me for my so called , assumption . But I think , most of the time this kind of assumption holds good , as in number festive occasions , many pals have experienced the kind of client urgency , where you had to join for the day in the office . Anyways .. office to chalta hin rahega aur client …. machhate rahenge 😉 , wo mai baap jo hai . Ye saari cheje aati aur jaati rahengi par , jo ye tumhari saanse hai … bus jaati hin rahengi aur waapas aayengi to ek nayi thandi si saans … jo tumhe ye ehsaas dilayengi ki

Lamha Lamha mere hisse se kaat kar  

लम्हा लम्हा मेरे हिस्से से काट कर 

Tu mujhe apni fitrat 
तू मुझे अपनी फितरत

Ka ehsaas” deti hai 
का एहसास देती है 

Zindagi tu apne maujudgi ka”
ज़िन्दगी तू अपनी मौजूदगी का 

Mujhe kuch yun hin hisaab deti hai

मुझे कुछ यूँ ही हिसाब देती है

© Nitesh Singh

But after everything and above all I can expect that all of you had a wonderful Holi 2017 . Aur hona bhi chahiye .. kyunki zindagi k rang aati aur jaati hui saanso k saath – Holi k rangoo main bhi chuppi hai . Isliye enjoyment to banta hai , rang laga dala to life jhinga la la ..

My old blog header

Haan , yahi hai iss post ka title . As everyone says , that change is the only constant – which means even if you don’t act in a planned way to do something , then in that case as well something will change , without your contribution to an event . This is what I understand by the phrase change is the only constant”.  

My blog – Dawn To Dusk has also went with some changes , with the passage of time. But this change holds a story within . The story is a mix of events occurred in this regard . But that all these events has nothing to do with this change of my blog header , but obviously , some events are the contributors for this change. Hence I wanted to mention the events as a memorable note for Dawn To Dusk . As my journey as a blogger is now 7 / 2017 seven years old . 

It was 2010 , when I started writing and that too with simple pros & quotations in my spiral diary and gradually I got affected with the habit of thinking and thinking to much . And for those invisible thoughts crept-ing in my mind , I started , writing to match those thoughts to express through the available words in the literature (used for a language dictionary) . Its a nice experience of writing & trying to write or quote your thought exactly same as you think alone , with your nimble mind . One is Private and other one is Public , your thoughts once expressed becomes public . And readers are the people , who magnify the effect of such thoughts. Its a quite risky trade of being a blogger –  as you can’t expect every time that , you will have loads of ac-clods waiting for you ! I am just mentioning this , out of a basic characteristics of a human being and that one characteristic is expectation for your deeds . “Fal ki chinta

But koi nai , blogging ek “aachi buri aadat hai ” – so being a blogger , the only rule is to keep on writing and writing every piece of thought , you feel to write about . Accolades , appreciations , comments are some accelerator to it  , but , a blogger can be on the walking area as well , where s/he can just , may follow the rule of  ” Systematic Investment Plan ” and keep on posting , 1 post for a month .

This systematic approach , worked for me for blogging and I travelled so far since 01/2010 .

When I started , I never knew that , this would become a very integral to me , but it happened and become important for me , as , I kept on consuming each day of my life after Jan/2010 – the month , when I wrote my first post on a blogging platform , where the platform was blogger . I started in a situation,  full with hesitation but by god grace – I am happy & feel privileged today , for this journey of mine .

But , I feel everyone has there own experience in life , for everything they do , they achieve , they learn and the way they deal with their day to day events occurring continuously in there life. Its a magical thing in human life , that each human being has his/er own set of experiences while living life on this earth . It also signifies , the mammoth probability of having or happening something in ones life – which ultimately add on to our life experiences .

My old blog header , similarly highlight few cloud of words which are closely means a lot in one’s life and each word I , selected , while designing my header was related with our life . We as a human being describe events as result of something which happened or about to happen and those things happen under a certain circumstances and after undertaking certain planned and unplanned action for making it happen. So , I deeply believe that – the words which I , selected for my old blog header was life inspiring , life teaching and full with many unfolded and hidden facts about us , by us – I mean for all of us living in this beautiful world .

The first word , which was the part of my old blog header was  BiRt

It is a memorable event which occur in ones family , and specifically special for the couples who attain the parenthood . The moment when a couple attain parenthood , is a life turning moment – a moment , which automatically promote the dispersion of feeling , emotions , love etc in ones life . And this dispersion of love , emotions and feeling directly travel to the newly born baby of this universe under the patronage of the parents . The journey begins with  the first cry – this is the only time when crying of a newly born baby gives us a good feeling . !  And after this day , it always gives us a feeling for fixing something which made such crying – so the meaning changes , with the passage of time , again a magical truth out of our life.


is the second word , which was there in my old blog header . I think , being as a reader you all understand the intrinsic meaning of this great word and to mention , you are not just aware with the meaning , but also with the importance of inspiration in our live . It act as a propellant in human life. This simple word has changed the life of many human beings of this world .

Inspiration work as a road-map or act as a foot print for starting a purposeful journey . It also define the do’s and don’t for all the inspired creatures. This word holds some peculiar characteristic within it , which can easily be noticed as – following traits of a person who found to be inspiring to society at large , adopting & categorising for some inspired actions , restricting oneself for doing something , being discipline in the area of work a person is doing to achieve excellence , following pre-stated methods of doing something etc .

According to me , this happens because , we are not capable of being inspired easily . And we always , rationalise our thoughts and do economic or benefiting comparison before , we actually adopt some particular path through the process of inspiration .

And once we believe that , the inspired path will take us to the destination we , thought of , then , a person strictly stick to the rules of inspiration and these rules may be the copy of the inspiring personality , leading us to – follow his every trick and trades ! So when someone says that he is inspired by someone , then we must understand – he has already travelled with the thoughtful journey and the benefit of his planned destination – which appeared to him as an inspiration . Hence , according to me its a great word – changing human life !

dream.. and Goal ! 

which I have incorporated in my blog header , when I was blogging through blogger platform . Today is 17th January  2019 . I am mentioning this because , this post of mine has took comparatively more time than my earlier publication on this web address .

Dream is an inspiring word in ones life !. If I have to understand and define the word , then would like to mention that , this word is the source and acts as propeller in human life . As a social human being we always thrive to attain some goal in our life. These goals are the parallel thoughts which crept in our mind along with our dreams . So , we can say that what we dream off to achieve , we usually set it as goal in our life . So this word as a part of my blog header signifies , that we all as a social being are intact with something to achieve and that we call as our dream.

Some words which are also the part of my old blog header are as below . To write about all these words , it takes substantial time as , may be the blog header was uploaded with some heavy words out of the dictionary. At the same time , I do believe that all of you know the literal meaning of these words. So hope fully I , will try to make your reading interesting by incorporating something unique with these words 🙂 and hopefully all of you will like to read it further .

Free Chance ..


















Achievement ! 

The list is long and god bless me and give me strength to write about all these above words ! Before , I give an end to this post – I would like to wish a very happy and prosperous new year 2019.

Stay Healthy , Stay Well

By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂