Hello Readers

Lightning of candle in the sky of faith ..

It gives me an eminence pleasure to be here.

Lightning of the candle – is my second post after about . To be little specific its just not a post by a blogger , but a warm welcome note to the whole world . I feel privileged after signing up this wonderful site. My warm thanks to the founder of this idea & the photo blog .

I also like to thank personally to Eshyde , Pearl Salmon & Adam Salmon for welcoming  me and liking my post & putting comments thereon . I must say that ,  you three are the first to whom , I know here with this great platform. My thanks once again to all of you !



The image – Lightning of the candle reflect few human sentiments & attitude of an individual or community as a whole . The image can be further categorised & understood as well with some bullet points , as below

As a blogger , for me , it is a start of a new journey – hence I did it by lightning a candle .

* Candles are used in great ceremonies & events , which promote cosmic presence within the ambience of an occasion , likewise it is also helping me to denote my presence in this platform . As I believe , by this time , you definitely have the glimpse of the light coming out of it 🙂

* I feel it would be appropriate to mention the image in the category of ” Great Ceremonies & events ” like marriages , visiting of church , visiting of pilgrims , birthday celebration etc. Where the presence of candle & its flame evidence the ceremony in its own way !.

* The image has a water flame . Yes true – it has a water flame .. why ?

* It has a water flame because , lightning of the candle is always viewed as a nobel gesture , a gesture for happiness , celebration , prosperity , bonding , resolution , faith , success , sharing great moments within the community etc. It has cultural significance across globe . Which highlights the importance of lightning of the candle and its common connection between all human beings across globe.

Water flame of the candle denotes the flexibility & adaptability of human being . It also put the fact in front , that 3/4th of this earth is covered with water . And to relate , understand the culture and people across globe , we travel far through waterways or cross it across geography . And which ultimately integrates the human culture and establishes a never ending relationship .

So , its a gesture of integrating people of similar interest and the interest is blogging and the gesture is flying in the sky of faith ..!


My Wishes 🙂