Maha Shivaratri

Wishing All of you a Happy

Maha Shivaratri

Om Namah Shivaay

Shiv Rehte Jab Tan Aur Maan Mein

Sanka Nahi Rehti Jeevan Mein

Soch Ho Jab Ye Tere Maan Mein

Tab Samjho Hai


Aant Karan Mein

My Wishes 🙂







Our daily life is full of variety of fragrances . Fragrance , play an important role in our day today life . It also act as a strong medium , for sending non-verbal signals to our brain , based on which , we perceive our surroundings and experience the change in our reaction under a given situation , where we encounter the fragrance.

2 thoughts on “Maha Shivaratri

    1. Thanks for your words for Dawn to Dusk !
      Definitely , it’s a great privilege to connect with a music lover like you !

      Let me know , if you like to work on Sufi !

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