Wishing All of you a Happy

Maha Shivaratri

Shiv Rehte Jab 

Tan Aur Maan Mein

Sanka Nahi Rehti

Jeevan Mein

Soch Ho Jab Ye Tere Maan Mein

Tab Samjho


Hai Aant Karan Mein



By Graces & Wishes 🙂


Our daily life is full of variety of fragrances . Fragrance , play an important role in our day today life . It also act as a strong medium , for sending non-verbal signals to our brain , based on which , we perceive our surroundings and experience the change in our reaction under a given situation , where we encounter the fragrance.


By Graces & Wishes 🙂

What gratitude really mean ?

What it tells about ? Why we follow the tradition of gratitude in any culture ?

Is gratitude really a gesture ? Which in deed must be practised by all human beings regularly in their daily life .