Hi Readers !

It was’ just few hours before – not more than just 3 hours, when I stepped inside one of the music store’ and asked for the collections of MP3 – of my choice !

I : Can I have some MP3 format for this kind of music ?

Reply : No, sir we don’t have.

I : moved towards the – aligned MP3, categories … & found one ! & I asked again … Can you help me out … to search more of these, kind?

Reply : Sir, It’s a huge – lot, It will take time !

I : Will, you not like if, I buy – all of them – you will search for me. (Conversation just beside the cash counter)

Reply : Hey, in mode of instruction to one of his colleague, sir is looking for this kind of title – please help him out ? The Guy’ possibly’, a new entrant in the store’ – Helped me, just by standing, beside me.

And finally – I got the set of four MP3, of my choice !

It was self purchasing, without an assistance ! Rather I would say a self selection .

I enjoyed it, while I was in the, mall (due to cooling effect of A/c – 🙂

There is always a reason for action, and sometime the reasons are – undefined !

But, it’s perfectly Ok !

Self Selection

Its just a incident of my random search for MP3 , during my visit to one of the music store in the city of joy . I can say one thing about this visit is that , in the world of consumerism and tough competition , with the advancement of technology and awareness in the society at large . The responsibility of marketers and the sellers has dynamically changed . The fast changing scenarios are indicating a tough time for all those marketers , who miss out in their service and behavioral level . 

We have malls , multiple stores and different ways and channels for satisfying our needs . Which are just the result of our fast paced life style and work pressure . Due to our changing pattern of living and work along side has promoted the door to door selling , online selling and other marketing services for different kinds of goods & services we consume . This condition of buying and selling , holds good and seems perfect in the case when both the buyer and seller are perfectly know their needs at a point in time . It would be a win – win situation for both of them and there will be a happy transaction for the goods and services exchanged. A popular way of purchasing the article remotely .

But , when we as a consumer , visit some place in search of something , for which we have little idea and in that , we need some assistance to decide our purchase . Then under such circumstances , the role of marketer and seller can never be underestimated . This event of need as a consumer can be seen in different angles .

It may be an opportunity for the marketers or seller through which – they can align your need with the most closest article they are selling or they may miss sell just to increase there revenue for the day.  But as a consumer , I think at present world , the chances of occurrence of second event is comparatively low .  As the mouth piece advertisement has lot to do , when it comes to service and behaviour of a seller . So I think the seller , will hardly miss sell , just with an objective of increasing their single day revenue by affecting such sale , but rather he will try to gain your trust , by providing you exactly , what you are looking for !.

Options in every sphere of life , compelling us to shake hands with modesty , trust , good service delivery , fair pricing etc . But in the wish list of consumer , if anything is absent then – the chances of watching his waving hands for your service , becomes high !

Marketing is changing a lot and making change in people as well !


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂