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Coke Studio at MTV

Is this really  a  show , which was , indeed awaited for long .or its a great gesture by the members and the participants who were in  search of their own hidden excellence . Yes I would like to tell about a popular music show the Coke Studio at MTV

“The arena where the collection of pure & master souls of India as well as abroad – try together, to give such a feeling, which help an individual to discover their own self – by way of music & singing – yes – a perfect attempt to align the soul with the super soul” – and to provide with the sense of satisfaction within” – is the Coke Studio at MTV, is all about”.

“A destination for singer and a direction for inspired aspirants & music lovers, facing their future with a different dimension”.

It is a true and live example of vocal integration. Participation of singers from different states of India and their pair ups for the performance, bring an exclusive kind of comfort between the two, (or in some cases more than two) culture existing and prevailing in the country. This kind of action by the team will definitely promote – the regional singers and musicians and will introduce the new and existing talents to the national front, and will give a dimensional change in the area of singing and music.


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂 


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  1. Hi Dibakar !
    Thanks you identified properly for the content.
    I am happy too , connecting with you , stay connected as , I am coming with some antique Sufi Lyrics as well .
    Stay Well !

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