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Hi Readers ! It was’ just few hours before – not more than just 3 hours, when I stepped inside one of the music store’ and asked for the collections of MP3 – of my choice ! I : Can I have some MP3 format for this kind of music ? Reply : No, sir we don’t […]

Magic of Lyrics

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Music always play a great role in our life and we the human , always like to listen something , which is soulful . By soulful , I mean majorly with something , which touche the heart and the vibes of which directly effect , our positive well being . I feel a piece of […]

Holi 2010

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                                        THE  WAY  I  CELEBRATED  HOLI Ek duniya thi , aur ek aasiya” Ab wo log hai , Aur ye jaha ! Some known faces Out of all , one is my roomie Ye log kuch kehna […]

Ishqiya the decadal difference

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“Reviews – are based on the character’s playing , the lead role ,with their antagonist and supporting roles in a movie or a play.The director,music director and lyricists are some back screen faces, who sketch the boundary line , where & within,the story revolves & destined towards the end “. The decadal – difference between , […]

Hello Readers

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Lightning of candle in the sky of faith .. It gives me an eminence pleasure to be here. Lightning of the candle – is my second post after about . To be little specific its just not a post by a blogger , but a warm welcome note to the whole world . I feel […]