Holi 2010












                  THE  WAY  I  CELEBRATED  HOLI

Ek duniya thi , aur ek aasiya”

Ab wo log hai , Aur ye jaha !

Some known faces

Out of all , one is my roomie

Ye log kuch kehna chahte hai

Par Keh nahi sakte

Kyunki aaj ye nashe main hai

They only like to speak in the board room .

Cool guys after the session

Disclaimer – if the participant has any objection for the picture quality

then please contact , the Clicker – jo gumsudaa hai -;)

And finally maine uski photo nahi , lagai hai,

Aap log mera majaz udayenge- kyu ki wo rango main aachi nahi dikhti,

Because , her colour is evident in my life and I am colourful with my life .

Thanks and a great Holi to all the readers of the blog.

Now it’s time for preparation of traditional drink called Thandai

Ingredients are Milk , Rose flower leafs , sugar , cardamom and dry fruits including the green grass !

My Wishes 🙂