Magic of Lyrics

Music always play a great role in our life and we the human , always like to listen something , which is soulful . By soulful , I mean majorly with something , which touche the heart and the vibes of which directly effect , our positive well being . I feel a piece of audio , which has a quality of maintaining your daily life active & healthy is the music , which is meant for you .

But before a successful audio / music clip , a music is just a collection of some alphabets , which we popularly know as lyrics , and the person , who writes a song is known as lyricist . It is the lyricist creative mind , which create or produce the idea of creating any song . Then the composer comes into the picture along with the voice of singer and create a trisect for a wonderful creation .

Undoubtedly , a  good musical creation is the team & the hard work of lyricist , composer & singer , which helps in changing our day to day life in magical way .


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂