My Gratitude Stone

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Gratitude ! a word which has magnetic effect . Many of us might not be aware with this fact that , gratitude has very high speed positive energy which , resolve many problems of  our day to day life . ⌈ What gratitude really mean ? What it tells about ? Why we follow the […]

Happy Independence Day

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Ye’ ik samaan hai Jo unho ne’ di hai Ye’ ik  swabhiman’ hai Jo unho ne’ di hai Ye’ ik gulistaa’ hai Jo unho ne’ di hai Ye’ ik haausla’ hai Aur ik’ andaaz bhi’ Jo’ bhi unhi se’ mila hai’ Ye’ ik Soz’ hai Jiski  buland’, awaaj’ hai’ Ye’ ik sur hai Jiski’ ek’, […]

1010 Thanks Giving

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Numbers are today’s life … ! But before I explain my understanding on this , I would like to thank , of having the concept of networking rather the social networking !. My number , by the time I decided for this post was 1010 , so what would even be better than this , […]


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जावा पे रखा नहीं अभी Jawa Pe Rakha Nahi Abhi   और जायके का असर है ! Aur Jaayeke Ka Asar Hai अभी तो उतरी, ही नहीं  Abhi To Utri Hin Nahi सायद ये लोगो का असर है ! Saayad Ye Logon Ka Asar Hai पता है मुजको, भी  Pata Hai Mujko , Bhi की […]

Happy Deepavali 2013

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May the flame of candle  Reach to the deepest, towards the dark area of life May there be absolute peace  All through , by our lighting gestures No matters either you light up or  Some one else do it ! Let make it a way to bring harmony & prosperity all through ! Let, it […]

What would be the title ?

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  Rain during the Indian festivals is normally , seen as a natural hindrance , in the path of enjoyment . It reschedules , our plan and the activities and the next which happens is the , curtailment in the things to do list . But it is also a fact that monsoon in India […]

Happy Deepavali 2012

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  May the flame of candle Reach to its deepest Towards the dark area of life. May there be absolute peace All through, by our lighting gestures. No matters either You light up or someone else do it! Let make, it a way to bring harmony & prosperity all through! Let, it be free from […]

Like a wild flying bird

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Tu Badi Albeli Hai Naajo Se Pali Hai Yun Hin Thodi Chulbuli Hai Aur Kahin Dur Khadi Hai Hairatoo Se Yun , Ghiri Hai Bilkul Ik Awara Panchhi (Bird) Ki Tarah Bus Yun , Hin Ude Jaa Rahi Hai Sach Bata Tu Kahin , Zindagi To Nahi Hai   With Gratitude 🙂 By Graces & […]