Mothers Day

♥ H A P P ♥ M O T H E R S ♥ D A Y ♥

There are reasons for you

That’s why?

We have a special day for you !

You keep smile, always on your face

And say Yes to , every No  in our Life !

You take, pain – to put us on gain !

You tender your love , in every season!

You ask for no favor ,

For any number of reasons !

It’s a miracle in humanity,

That there is a word called mother!

And there is a chance for me to say!

To just mention, it today – that

I love you mom!

Mom , I feel privileged!

For everything, you did for me!

I wish you!

A happy Mothers Day

Your Son 🙂

By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂