My Cycus Plant

The story is just like an ordinary event, which take place in everyone’s life.

Sometimes by way of fate or sometime through the own deed , In my case , I think it was both as I believe my fate take me to undertake the action , through which I have acquired my first Cycus plant in the second phase of lockdown in the month of  March 2021.

The situation now is of partial vaccination, not still good but comparatively better than the any day, when we had nothing to fight this pandemic – COVID-19.

Trust me, I am never been a much planned blogger, who do draft, first cut or the final cut of the post before posting. So being in the second category, I am just gathering the events and the images of last 1.2 years of pandemic. I am saying this because if the pandemic was the fate of mankind in this century then My Cycus Plant has the fate to revive and survive, by being me as the plant owner.

Just after the March 2020 – when the COVID hit India through the mega metropolitan cities, connecting with rest of the world. I remember when I was already travelled back to my home town, before the scenarios could be worst. It was 19th March 2020.

By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂