Smokers around the world – belongingness redefined

In society we belong to different community

” Such belongingness , normally establishes our social title and entity , for which we always feel proud of . The members belonging to a certain community always thrive to attain and maintain the community standards – for which they are know as for. While doing so , they meet , they share and explore for some common pre-stated objectives. “

They do act in a way , so as to represent the group motto in general highlighting the utmost core values of the community . These are few broad line text for understanding the word community in general , which may vary time to time , place to place , objective to objective , by geography & sometimes by prevailing situations too .



While walking on the clumsy street , it gives altogether a different sense of feeling , when we see strangers , exchanging the flames to light up their cigarette . It is a great gesture full with the unique ,  but a common sense of attachment between them . The zippo friendship .

Their interaction for sharing the zippo is commendable . Such fractional interaction on the street , establishes a great relationship among-st the smokers around the world . Although after the deed , they move forward in their life , but the smoke of friendship remains in the hearts of smokers walking in the clumsy street around the world.

The network of smoke & the smokers , by this way keep on contributing to their community members . A community which is ruled by an un-ruled tradition , bridging the gap between the members and promoting friendship with strangers while walking on the street .

The text above , in anyway does’t promote smoking in any region across the world , rather in real sense it highlights the issue of smoking .


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂