Life on clicks ! Are you following or falling for start-ups ?

My attention is dragged towards a revolution recently evidenced in Indian market. It would be partially correct to call it as a revolution – as what ? we evidence here today for the E-com businesses and their setting up trends are actually a transition of business from one geography to another. The geographical variances & the cultural migrations are few things , which promoting the events of establishing new business houses in the area of E-commerce.

In India – consumerism needs trade-off between the potential user and the companies providing the goods & services through this platform.

Although – in a present competitive scenario, where consumers are likely to behave like a CAT “, the marketers have exquisitely managed to retain consumers by there bold & attractive offers.

With less of admission parameters into the trade, a situation is arising for multi-options for the great Indian consumers.

The lucrative offers from Mega to small E-marketers are taking consumers away from the habit of purchasing the article in person. Rather , the key factor of the marketing concept – which I understand as tangibility is standing altogether on a different axis, for all the product requirement of the consumers and dragging the mass to develop a new habit of notional presence through web & applications.

It is a fine scenario, where I think, consumer will be benefited always, by hoping from one app to another. And will park themselves, for most viable offers during the time of availing the product or services. A rational consumer follows his/her rationality , where he/she will definitely try not to fall.!

But the situation is challenging for the marketers & seller of such product & services. As providing more services or product in a competitive situation, may not be a long term strategy to exist in this dynamic & sensitive financial environment.

There are other factors like , consistency in acquisition of  new consumer base, service delivery, quality & pricing are areas where – all the sellers should keep on working till the time they want to float there services in the market.

Our simple clicks making the scenario challenging & harder for the sellers … and we as a consumer enjoying the revolution, either on street or from office, home or from somewhere sitting remotely and ordering for the desired article by being on web .

Happy Independence Day to all of you !


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂