Happy Independence Day

Ye’ ik samaan hai

Jo unho ne’ di hai

Ye’ ik  swabhiman’ hai

Jo unho ne’ di hai

Ye’ ik gulistaa’ hai

Jo unho ne’ di hai

Ye’ ik haausla’ hai

Aur ik’ andaaz bhi’

Jo’ bhi unhi se’ mila hai’

Ye’ ik Soz’ hai

Jiski  buland’, awaaj’ hai’

Ye’ ik sur hai

Jiski’ ek’, hi raag hai

Ye Swatantrata’ hai’

Jiske ye’ Saare raaz hai !

Par’ ye’ kya sach hai ?

Abhi jo’ ye’ haalaat hai ?

Agar Sach’ nahi ?

Too’ ye meri halki si’

Thodi’ sehmi’ si ik, aawaz hai !

My Wishes 🙂


The watch holds the historical transition of a mankind in this world. Yes , it  has also evidenced the changes through which , our society gone through . With the passage of time everything become more refined , more customized , more fast , more specific and rather in nutshell  more advanced. So that , we as a consumer would never feel any flaws waved due to time & technology .

Today , this advancement is clearly visible in every sphere of life and in every life – spending products & gadgets .

The most important in all , specifically if we talk about  watches of today’s world is that , it still carry the importance of time and creating history every moment .  It is a generic quality of this product – A quality watch , travel with a person till his/er last moment of life and evidence his/er life all through.

One can easily find his/er attachment with a certain kind of watches or watch in their lifetime . Its importance in our life is so , that we sometime , feel half & incomplete with out it.

Our Independence of today are accumulated results of many sacrifices made in the past . All those moments are history now on the dial and past events , which is only evidenced by the time . Our Martyrs identified the importance and acted well , the result of which is today’s Independence . So we must be respectful towards the time and the gadget – which is continuously creating history , with its generic behavior .

As the time is priceless and incomparable with the price of watches !


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂