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Rockstar – its not same as rockstar games

I don’t know, who .. told this – but these days, I am getting hell lot of, complain against you. May I know who is that person, no … not at all …. Oh my god ! Now don’t tell me – oh my god ! “tumne hi kuch kiya hoga” … kya maine – pa.. stop don’t tell me pa.. ! Ab samjaoo” isse’ mere pass itna waqt nahi hai” – kyu beta’ kya baat’ ho gayi – kyu karte ho ye sab’ – mom’ – aap bhi aaj mood main lagti hain’ – kya? batamiz’ akal naam ki to cheez hi nahi”. Mom maine bola saayad” aaj paper wala time pe nahi aaya” – is liye dad’ gusse” main hai ! Aur aap” ka bhi mood swing, bus yu hi ho – raha hai. Beta samjha karo …kya samjhu’ – yahi ki govind ki cycle kharab’ ho gayi aur’ wo aaj – news paper dene time pe nahi aa paya, ya phir gas cylinder delivery main” thodi late ho gayi – aur aap abhi tak – breakfast ke menu” pe hi dance kar rahi ho”, ya phir ye’ ki” panditji – ko phone lagaya” aur call cut ho ja raha hai”. ya phir ye ki aap ne ” aaj ka zodiac report dekh liya hai – aur bus yu hi mood main aa” gayi hain – bataiye”,main kya” samjhu”?. Tumse se too”

In spite of the difficult morning, two days before , I decided to , place myself in the auditorium , for the new release Rockstar . While even – getting tickets from the counter the sales person, asked me, sir how many ticket ? still govind was in my mind and running with his late schedule, – which made me, to think that, why ? at least this guy was not, in time for his delivery of dailies? May be he was not, aware of the term – dependent schedule” – which often work for those people who, find them self – rolling in routine, and deliveries for them is , more than anything – to be specific – it’s just like a client and vendor relationship. Hope Govind will – get it soon and will not make any delay – for the dailies, further? He was also personally very upset, for the reason that – he was constantly failing on his words, due to which he made the call to me’. And said bhaiya’, shaab” aaj gussa” ho gaye’ – aisa lagta hai – ab’ – paper daalne koi aur aayega”? I thought within … Iski to” sach mucch lag gayi” …

Sir… 220 .. what ? Sir your ticket , okay ?

I tendered the cash & grabbed the ticket, in my hand – as both, the time and my thoughts where competing – to catch on my nerves . Finally, I got inside the auditorium with a bottle of bisleri .

Rockstar, the movie – I rated for, 4 out of 5, this is my self made bench mark. Many people have a notion that, the director Mr Ali – Imtiaz Ali, has not delivered as per the demand of the script. But, he has perfectly managed to intact the viewer’s for, full duration of the movie. As I non of my co- viewer’s except the managing team of the audi left the movie before the end.

The songs in the movie, sounds more situational & one will not get the feel of it , if  played in your car or in your i-pod while moving out of your place . As the director has perfectly patch up the lyrics, with his – uncommon direction and imagination. It is perfect – work which is out of trend in today’s cinema. Hope to watch such new, flicks in the coming future ! Finally – the movie, is good and those who can’t play the rockstar games , for them its other way round to attach him/er self with the tagline of rockstar as a viewer rather than a player.

Thanks Mr Ali – hope to see you soon, with something new !


By Graces & Wishes Jsssdn 🙂


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