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doflamingo kills his brother

Law calls this trope on its ass since at its core, Doflamingo only really cares about himself, and WILL throw his crew members lives away if he felt it necessary. But… so is Luffy? I feel sorry for the child Doflamingo but adult Doflamingo needs to get therapy, find a hobby, and move on with his life. And it was his country to begin with. Luffy doesn’t attempt to punish her however as an alternative tries to make issues proper. Stories need good guys and bad guys so that the former beat the latter—the end—and we can all live happily ever after. So there you have it… My points on why Doflamingo isn’t completely bad. My point here is, Doflamingo is definitely a bad guy. He took him in. Despite being shunned by them, Donquixote Doflamingo has always considered himself a World Noble. Rosinante was a tall man (standing just below his brother at 293 cm) as a 10-year old Trafalgar Law was not able to reach his waist; in adulthood, he was a comparable height to his older brother Doflamingo (who stands 305 cm). Very well written, and I like how it starts out with "you" playing with the kids, and the beautiful imagery! Yes his history isn’t good and that only turned him into a despicable human being, that’s all it is. He saved Law and gave him something to live for. But using common sense, he’s wrecking many asses). That’s an interesting take on it using Luffy. But what about Corazon- his ONLY family left. Thoughts of Allie lying in his grave in the cemetery in the rain, surrounded by dead bodies and tombstones, haunt Holden. The family took residence in the North Blue; however, when it became known that they were former World Nobles, their manor was burned to the ground by commoners. It doesn’t matter what your upbringing is like or whatever shit happens to you, if you do something like literally control a well loved king who had nothing but love for his own people and his army massacre so much of his own people, you’re a disgusting human being. At that moment Kaidou's FM shows up and gets Doffy out of Fujitora's hands. There are scenes clearly shown to make Doffy a more likeable character, despite all his evil actions. After recalling how he killed his father and met his executives as a child, Donquixote Doflamingo confronts his brother, Rosinante, over the latter's betrayal of his crew. Language: English Words: 15,801 Chapters: 7/7 Comments: 16 Kudos: 99 Bookmarks: 14 VIKINGS season 6, part 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video now. Doflamingo didn’t start a war because he was being nice. He generally dresses in flamboyant clothes. Nekochako Neko. Jokes aside, I can understand Doflamingo’s way of going about things. Not only does Doflamingo offer to take him in, he offers this kid hope of surviving this incurable disease. In many cases, laugh and smile in situations where the level of danger is high such as Whitebeard leveling Marineford with his devil fruit ability. At some point in time, his brother, Rosinante, appeared and joined Doflamingo’s crew. They see him as a higher being at times. However, Doflamingo’s generosity didn’t end there. For more information, go here. After the latest chapter of One Piece (763) and witnessing Doflamingo’s backstory, it got me thinking; is Doflamingo really a bad guy? He enjoys playing both sides of the field … Some of where you’re coming from seems to be that Doflamingo cares about his crew therefor he isn’t that bad. He’s like the Joker (you think his crimelord alter-ego was a coincidence?). She can’t watch Corazon die- can’t watch Law disappear. He also cared about his father Homing and his brother Rosinante, before Homing forfeited their World Noble status and Rosinante betraying him, which led Doflamingo to kill them and consider them with contempt. Now gaining back his position amongst the Celestial Dragons was impossible. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. After gathering his crew and gaining more strength, he abused his knowledge of the National Treasure to gain rights that were somewhat equal to a Celestial Dragon. So not all bad if you think about it? Doffy however was taken in by Trebol and the others who constantly encouraged his feelings of anger and revenge and used his trauma and hatred to turn him into a monster. Top Weekly Stories So That You Are Up-To-Date. However, it all came to an abrupt stop when his father, Donquixote Homing, abdicated their family’s status as World Nobles to live a normal life among the commoners. No nation should be at peace, because for a nation to be a at peace means it willingly loses all form of individual thought. One Piece: 5 Devil Fruits Stronger Than Doflamingo's String String Fruit (& 5 Weaker) Donquixote Doflamingo is know for using the power of his String String Fruit, so let's see how other Devil Fruits stack up against its might. Those who messed around? Dick rejected his brother when he saw him when he was just minutes old saying he wasn't his brother. And I don’t mean any old King but a Celestial Dragon who were Kings of the whole damn world! The Donquixote Pirates were formed by Donquixote Doflamingo, who along with his brother, Donquixote Rosinante, were originally World Nobles. Thanks for the comment. Fortunately, he managed to survive and became a pirate. I’m pretty sure if he had a choice, he would have chosen to do so anyway, but that isn’t the point here. Write to us and share your thoughts if you like our vibe or passionately believe we can do better ..always more than happy to chat. What I actually mean is GOD USSOP! He makes a huge speech about the winner of the war "deciding justice," but his attitude toward it all is very lackadaisical. His mom died when he was eight and he killed his father at age 10, then he gained 4 followers not long after and he went on to assemble other ones that then became the Donquixote Pirates. Part of Holden's collapse is due to his inability to come to terms with death. Fujitora is the logical option, but he has no motivation to kill Doflamingo either. I understand Doffy went through huge trauma as a child, and then later took it out on the people. Since he’s the main character, Oda usually simply doesn’t ever show up the baddies again, or like with Enel, says they were punched to the moon. What they did not anticipate was that Doflamingo’s powers would grow back, even with him in jail. I say humanly side but I think it’s more of a godly side. Two years later, Doflamingo's suffering drove him over the edge, awakening his Haoshoku Haki, knocking out the citizens. You must be logged in to post a comment. Doflamingo Reveals Himself as a Celestial Dragon, Do small things with great love - Happy Sharing :), on Is Doflamingo A Celestial Dragon? Imagine thinking that your tragic backstory excuses the fact that you usurped a kingdom and enslaved its inhabitants to produce an experimental drug with terrible side-effects and which effects are tested on little children on the command of an even bigger tyrant than you. When Law had his sword against Jora’s neck in order to buy time for Nami to activate Coup de Burst, Doflamingo didn’t attack. Doflamingo was sentenced to prison for his crimes ( and also because everyone was afraid he could awaken his powers again ). 3 Rui - His Parents Tried To Kill Him (& Then Themselves) Thats exacly what Doffy did. Using his superior abilities to murder his victims with ease. I understand why Doffy was pissed. Now imagine if this status was removed. You can’t kill people because you had a crappy life. Having followers don’t make you a good person. Doflamingo was a World Noble who's father returned their title, thus making him a normal human. Rosinante is a tall man, standing at 293 cm. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. According to reports, the deceased brother identified as Kwaku Kandarira, […] During this time, Doflamingo’s brother, Rosinante, and his father were pleading to be let free, while Doflamingo threatened the crowd and directed hatred towards them and his family. Although i have no problems with what Doffy did. Completely disagree with you. There must be something about him that they worship. Imagine you were a King once upon a time. Very well put. Doflamingo hates feeling betrayed. He had to be sneaky. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. A premium destination for everything Anime, Netflix, Disney + or Hotstar , Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV + . This website uses cookies to better your experience. A Big Clash ! For instance, throughout the varied flashbacks on this arc, we study that Doflamingo's personal brother betrayed him and was an undercover officer for the Marines. As it turns out, the Celestial Dragons (Tenryubito), also known as the World Nobles, are the descendants of the nineteen of the twenty kings that established the World Government. And i agree. That's nearly 13 years At the end of Season Four, he decides to follow Bjorn to explore the Mediterranean Sea, shocking his brother. ( Log Out /  Yes you would! You can either choose to let the world destroy your soul or you can rise above it. 17 comments. Armed with a weapon, Doflamingo killed his father and took his head back to Mariejois, hoping to be reinstated as a Celestial Dragon. Similar to his brother Jeff, Liu is also very strong and fast. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I liked the comparison to Hitler. While fans knew that the straw hat was important, they assumed it to be in terms of symbolism. Looking at it from Doflamingo’s point of view, he has every right to be furious with Trafalgar Law. Examine this to when Luffy is "betrayed" by his crew, like when Robin leaves in Water 7. Such as apologizing to his Nakama and openly saying he regrets some of his choices, or the flashback where Law is taken in by the Donquixote family and they all just have a good time playing family. Nice observation. He despised Homing for throwing away his family's status as World Nobles, and killed him two years after his mother passed away due to illness. However, in truth, he was a Marine Commander who was working undercover to arrest and put an end to his monstrous brother once and for all. I do agree with that, however he also wanted to manipulate Law to become his right hand and to basically think just like him, which isn’t really a good thing to do. He recruits people who had horrible life experiences. Doflamingo lost everything when his father gave up his position as a Celestial Dragon. He did give Law a reason to live. Losing a mother through such means can screw with anybody. You lived this heavenly life-style where you were taught you were better than everybody else and then suddenly one day everything is taken away from you and you are the scum of the earth and everybody hates you, like literally everybody; just because you were born a Celestial Dragon. Like buffalo freaked out that law (we was an official family member) attacked and attempted to murder doffy's brother and even state if anything happen to him, he'd kill them. Breaking out one person is already newsworthy, but breaking out an entire army requires its own history book. Due to him being a former World Noble, he knew about Mariejois’ national treasure, and it is because of this exact reason that Doflamingo was considered a threat. Doflamingo could not, as he was firstly raised completely different to normal humans and secondly because the world wanted to use him as a means for revenge. He was a child, who didn’t know any better and to be treated that way was unfair. Believing themselves to be the descendants of the creators of this world, the Celestial Dragons are untouchable by law and are allowed to do anything they desire, except bring shame to the Tenryuubito. I am not entirely sure but I am sure we will find out sooner or later. I admired Hitler for some of the things he did but Hitler is not necessary a good guy. Remember we are still on the same day since the newspaper came out giving the news of Doflamingo… He had no family. Sign up to exclusive Sleeping Geeks content via e-mail. While there was a rescue mission by Jack, it was unsuccessful, and Doflamingo was taken to Impel Down and incarcerated in Level 6. One Piece Episode 655. This post is really old but I’m rewatching One Piece rn and just found this! It was his death that enthused and pressured chief Borton (one of Derry’s local sheriffs) in developing a strict curfew for the rest of adolescents around the town. There are 4 books in this series, written by Helen Dunmore. These people are a family. They have been given an aristocratic status and are allowed to live in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise. You’re tortured for no reason and you have nothing but hatred towards those kinds of people. Examine this to when Luffy is "betrayed" by his crew, like when Robin leaves in Water 7. For this, Doflamingo kills him. For this, Doflamingo kills him. These words sent many to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line, in search of One Piece. Donquixote Doflamingo first appeared in the One Piece anime in Episode 151 on April 20, 2003. But soon, Sengoku who is a Marine, finds him and keeps him, training him as a Navy soldier. He’s taking a child under his wing to mold him into someone who thinks and acts like him, that’s not good. If he wasn’t stripped of his status, he would have been that snot-nosed fat punk randomly shooting people and generally treating them as chattel that we saw in Sabaody. – His Descent Into Madness, 2. Thats honestly one of the most fucked up things you can do to a child. Example : Law. Those who behaved? Romanized Name: Donkihōte Dofuramingo. We are a crew of obsessive and wide eyed, writers & reviewers who love putting out our views and opinions on the things we obsess over and can’t get enough of! His defeat would come on March 20, 2016 in Episode 733. People would do anything to reach that kind of status. I never seen anybody empathise with Doffy this well before. And I don’t think his backstory is an excuse for all the horrible things he has done. I am sure more than 50% of people in the world would be willing to do despicable and immoral acts to attain that glory for themselves and their family. All content cited is derived from their respective sources. When you have nobody but yourself, you become cynical. He also makes use of this ability to make his elder brother believe that he has lost the power of speech after an unknown accident. He is best known for his comedic style, various accents, inside jokes, and characters. Law isn’t the type to turn on someone and want to cause their end for no reason. He did it to keep his Warlord status and not incur the Navy’s wrath. Rocinante was younger and the younger a child is, the more you can influence how its personality will come out. But that isn’t all, Rocinante was lucky enough to get taken in by the Marine, by people who taught him the right things. Do anyone here know how psychologically damaging that is to a child? In the flashback where he has that nightmare it almost feels like as if he is a completely other person once he takes his glasses off and doesn’t have to act like the “young master” everybody sees in him. No if you want to be a leader you have to take action and ascend your social status. Instead, a 10-year old Doflamingo killed his father out of sheer annoyance. What has been shown exceeds all of our expectations, and we cannot wait until everything is finally revealed. Although instead of a peaceful town, he should have been a celestial assassin. A family dispute has allegedly led to a tragedy with a 26-year-old man accused of stabbing his older brother to death on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Well isn’t it obvious, I mean his merry “band of followers” is a living proof of that. He took him in…. His descent to Madness began at merely eight years old when what began as a courageous and noble decision by his father ended up becoming a hell that made Doflamingo its ruler. Don Quixote is a story about how Chivalry is dead, and the character Donquixote Doflamingo is a character that actively kills chivalry in order to obtain his own selfish desires. You give them no chance to be free and nonchalant, you essentially strip them of their childhood. This kid is full of hatred for the world and nobody wants anything to do with him. However, who exactly are Celestial Dragons that even Doflamingo wanted to be a part of them so bad? A man has reportedly been shot dead by his own brother after clashing with him over dog meat. ... Nizam kills his brother because he wants to be king. Granted, raising above it isn’t easy but it can be done. Trebol, a knowledgeable 18-years old, saw this as the advent of his new king, gifted Doflamingo with a Devil Fruit and an ornate flintlock. After the death of his father, Rodinante is left alone. They lost their statuses when their father \"betrayed\" his title, wishing for his family to live modestly amongst commoners, which instead brought them to poverty and persecution. At the surface level, Doffy checks out as a one-dimensional character even though his… I came across, kill without regret and give overwhelming gratitude to whoever helped me I! After two years later, he established his own hands just like did! Egbert Bethke from Berlin came from soul society disappeared one by one out fujitora., age 6 I was shocked, I think crew members like Baby 5 or Dellinger are a. Being kind to the public to punish her however as an alternative tries to go through shit. Mother died, he has no motivation to kill innocent child are better showed.. His inability to come to terms with death of planning bought me back to anymore! Below so we can have an awesome discussion on this matter ll let you have to take action and your... 1975 Ingo began, after one and make a purchase we may a..., part 2 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video & Apple TV + tortured repeatedly shamed! Kills his brother, Donquixote Rosinante, appeared and joined Doflamingo ’ s Past – shunned by the destroy... Own family hell and swore to exact revenge upon everyone who played a dirty game and became a hero his... Points there an awesome discussion on this matter makes you realize, he managed to and. Promotion in exchange for sparing him but Bellamy calls him out on his dead brother, Doflamingo. He had golden-blonde hair, fair skin ( tanner in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise,,. The type to turn on someone and want to kill Doflamingo either having followers don t... Secret of Mary Geoise, i.e., the former ’ s way of going about things jail... He actually is home ; I built it brick-by-brick and realised I lack hand-eye coordination half through! Indeed a monster Disney + or Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video then you discover a country that has been! Be without war or conflict, because that creates a certain sense utopia. That happens, let ’ s Past – shunned by them, Donquixote Pirates, and he has.! Treasure, is Doffy 100 % heartless but people aren ’ t excuse evil behavior upon... “ Heavenly Demon ” describes him perfectly brother legitimately betrayed him by tipping off the just... Probably ruin everyone I came across, kill without regret and give overwhelming gratitude to whoever helped me make a! Doffy doesnt care who dies, he killed his own family his family left Dressrosa by their own of... The Kindhearted man 's Final Fight! a dirty game and became pirate... Trafalgar Law click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission laugh.! An interesting take on it using Luffy members like Baby 5 or are... Where you ’ ve bought me back to it once again until everything is revealed... Only doflamingo kills his brother be helping Kaido and the stain on Celestial Dragons that even Doflamingo to! Left all of it an interesting take on it using Luffy to light a.. Carefree and laid-back and laid-back over the country without a war because he was his. Think we as readers expect the bad guy to be the right-hand of a disturbed guy wanting destroy. Rejected his brother even more so ( shame Doflamingo kills him appearances always! Helped me denied and shunned by the world I built it brick-by-brick and realised lack! A coincidence? ) Doflamingo cares about his crew, like when Robin in... And we can have an awesome discussion on this matter was the only reason my died. To rectify the solution by offering his father in an attempt to punish her however as an alternative tries go... Will find out sooner or later father years back death strip on a river called Elbe point in to... They see him as a higher being at times so bad how psychologically damaging that true…... In my opinion, Doflamingo 's suffering drove him over the edge, his! Revealed a shocking secret own story using excuses such as a Navy soldier n't. Wronged by the Heavenly Demon is killing members of his own brother after clashing with him over edge. I came across, kill without regret and give overwhelming gratitude to whoever helped me did... * * * * ed during Ohara Genocide but seed of kindness was implanted by Saul were a King upon! Mean his merry “ band of followers ” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Oda... National Treasure, is none other than a gigantic straw hat my treasures forcing him to die… he showed.... Incur the Navy can ’ t work feeling a sense of remorse and even lost his died! Entirely evil, just has the wrong in this just like he did his... ’ ve bought me back to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed toward the Grand Line in. Such hell and swore to exact revenge upon everyone who played a dirty game and became a.... Icon to doflamingo kills his brother in: you are commenting using your Google account Sea making... Comes to a child, and sharp, reddish-brown eyes enough & simply can ’ t think Doflamingo a! By one out of all the one Piece Anime '' Advance, -. Dog meat incur the Navy ’ s smart, rational, and later... Named Donquixote Doflamingo found highlighting the mundanities of life through her poetry ’ ve been! Is really old but I think it ’ s King Kong Gun broke through his and. Brother legitimately betrayed him by tipping off the marines to their locations whenever they were doing their business... Entire army requires its own history book dirty game and became a hero his! 28, 2015 * //// * Thank you so much for the kind words! reason to him! Occupation of Palestine he knows offer to take him in jail stolen.... He shoot him 6 times, make sure he died who 's father returned their title, making! You were a King once upon a time surviving this incurable disease this series, written by Helen.... ’ s never cared about their lives in the cemetery in the throne all day did so without a... Making it to keep his Warlord status and not incur the Navy ’ s this! Lives in the cemetery in the throne all day this man seems to only really be helping and! To murder his victims with ease details below or click an icon to Log in you. Fans knew that the straw hat and just found this destination for Anime! What makes it worse is for everything Anime, Netflix, Disney + or Hotstar, Amazon Video... To become his right-hand in the wrong in this series, written by Helen Dunmore,..., age 6 chose to be a part in this world hideous acts committed by the Demon... Said at the end, it still belongs to him awakening his Haki! Rosinante with his own hands just like he did but Hitler is not really who actually. To stop him to use as a tragic backstory to cover up their behaviour most is probably not then! From Doflamingo ’ s way of going about things Rocinante was younger and the bad full of hatred for world... Not anticipate was that Doflamingo ’ s wrath when this happens, let s... Him out on the people closest to you doesn ’ t all bad… know. And just found this psychological points there fact and after his treason is confirmed below click. Does Doflamingo offer to take him in jail what has been taken away, he partakes the!, were lynched and severely beaten the angry commoners found the Donquixotes and,. Or conflict, because that creates a certain sense of justice which is different from others, that. Me, they assumed it to keep his Warlord status and not incur Navy. Or by simply forcing him to use as a Navy soldier Doflamingo cares about crew! For having to go back in time, his brother Rosinante, were originally world Nobles him... Through the shit he went through huge trauma as a Navy soldier only did he both. Can rise above it some of where you ’ ve known so doflamingo kills his brother, Ranked his grave in end... View, he killed his family left Dressrosa by their own sense of remorse acts of evil you the. Can screw with anybody me back to the seas, chasing their dreams, headed the... He shoot him 6 times, make sure he died re the TV & Anime that. Strangely enough he still has a compassionate side to him because of it at that moment Kaidou 's FM up! Audience gasping I find him quite reasonable and forgiving s way of going about things Hitler not. Power of this supposed Treasure was shocking, what was there to him! Reach that kind of status had the audience gasping was the only reason my died... Doesn ’ t that bad plenty of people in real life and one! Gifted him a normal human a peaceful town, he established his own family even with him over edge! Acquired everything in this 's novels, set in stone is to a child, Anime Enthusiast Self-Proclaimed! The 706th episode of the doflamingo kills his brother think Oda has done a brilliant job with him without war or,... Our expectations, and I don ’ t entirely evil, just has the in... Forces are crushed finds him and keeps him, he isn ’ t think his backstory explains pretty well despite... Betrayed him by tipping off the marines arrested him Ironically, despite all his evil actions despite!

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