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tomb raider definitive edition walkthrough research base

As you fight, more men will arrive on that ledge via the upper tunnel. (screenshots), When you've destroyed both totems, jump from the doorway to grab the edge of the rectangular window opening. First, pry open the salvage locker in this room. Use your axe on the valve on the left. The path is pretty straight forwards, so you shouldn’t run into any problems. tomb raider definitive edition walkthrough research base. According to Senior Systems Designer Jonathan Hamel, both he and his wife are big fans of the original series. Take care of them in any fashion and when danger has been eliminated, make your way towards where enemies where shooting from you. That way, we avoid glitches in the future and that is how my save file glitched itself when doing a playthrough for this guide. Move through the crack in the wall and pause at the next open doorway. When you are on that cart, shoot a Rope Dart into the left hand side one and continue your path until you come across a ledge with a zipline. For here, you will need to shoot a Rope Dart in the cable cart to the right so you can make a safe passage across the cliff. TOTEM 1/5. Keep an eye on the left hand side wall to spot some crates. Then jump straight up and latch onto the wall above. There will be two enemies here, but try to take them out with stealth since an additional 3 can drop down when you’ve alerted them. Turn right to spot the next totem (4/5) for the Sun Killer Challenge. If you need help right away, I recommend the Lara Croft Online forums (, the Square Enix Tomb Raider Forum or any of the other message boards listed at Jonah tells Lara that while they were fighting off Mathias's men, Whitman took Sam and disappeared. Remember she's vulnerable while she's shooting. At this point, you will also receive 1,000 salvage points and a document, which is not counted as part of the current level's total. Behind this stack you'll find the Research Base Treasure Map, which reveals the location of all major collectibles on your in-game map. When he started working at Crystal Dynamics, she told him, "You have one mission: to get 'Ah-ha...' into the game." Loot it and progress to the left. You'll actually retrieve the salvage in a minute. On the left of the Base’s exit, create a zipline by using your Rope Darts. © 2021 TrueGaming Network Ltd, All Rights Reserved. Take what you need and then scramble back up the wall and drop down in the flooded hallway. There is no map for Shipwreck Beach, third visit, since all the collectibles are covered in Part 1 and Part 2. Look up to the left to spot another totem (2/5) for the Sun Killer Challenge. In addition to the Fast Travel camp inside the base, you'll have the opportunity to revisit the Survivors' Camp on Shipwreck Beach. Detailed walkthrough for the TOMB RAIDER video game for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Get the salvage and climb the wall to the ledge above. It's called "Unknown: Failed Mission" and refers to a mysterious individual or organization called "Trinity.". Whitman has betrayed the ground and has taken Sam to Mathias so it’s time to free her and get of this damn island. Relic #1: Helmets – Chou Dynasty Helmet (712458; 3416047) When dropping down into the Research Facility, turn around and blow up the metal structure. (screenshots). Take them out quickly and soon some will drop down from the ceiling. Or duck behind one of the boxes sitting in the pool next to the stairs. Help us fix it by posting in its. Tomb of the Unworthy. Jump straight up to grab the ladder above the console. When you come to the slope, slide down, and just before you reach the end of the slope, jump across the deep pit and sink your axe into the climbing wall. For Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109. So when I refer to map directions in my walkthrough, assume North is up, east right, south down, and west left. Turn left and continue forward to a large, metal door with a green-lit console next to it. (screenshots), Move back into the previous room for a moment. Continue the straight forward path until you come across another 2 guards. After you get the Climbing Axe, go to the Mountain Village. Try quick travelling to the research base camp. Research Base. Area Map: Research Base**. Several more men come in through the upper tunnel as well. Then use your axe to pry off the second gear, which is accessible through the square hole in the fence surrounding the elevator shaft. In addition to the Research Lab Base Camp, there's a document (1/3), "Soldier: Awakening" from the Wartime Intelligence set, sitting on the desk. (screenshots), Use the console to call the elevator up to the 4th floor. Climb back out the way you came. Blow out the barriers with your shotgun on your right and when the elevator is about to hit the hole where you destroyed the barrier, drop down on to the elevator, go through the barrier and jump. Then move down the path a bit and take out the 2 enemies on the walkway ahead. Dispose of them and take the zipline down towards your crew. 10/12/15 - Added alternative strategy for Chou Dynasty Helmet relic, thanks to a tip from Rick B. To avoid problems, I highly recommend changing your save slot at least once each level. Then go around to the right side of the stacked boxes to find another relic (2/2), a Ceremonial Helmet. NOTE: You can drop past the fence and latch onto the wall below, but this isn't necessary, since Lara won't take much damage dropping from the wall just above the fence. (screenshot), Climb over the stacked boxes blocking the tunnel to the south (i.e., just beyond the hole where you found the last salvage crate). Documents: 3  Relics: 2  GPS caches: 3  Treasure Maps: 1 There's a note inside." There will be other opportunities, but it's an option. Totem #2: 712454; 3416052 After killing the first two guards, make your way through the water and turn around at the end. I counted 15 men in all from the start of the fight to the end. Then climb up onto the boxes piled against the right wall, crawl over them and drop down into the space behind to find the final GPS cache (3/3) in the level and the game. If she starts with full health, it won't be a problem. Page 11 of the full game walkthrough for Tomb Raider. Climb down the ledges into a room with some sleeping mats and an Oriental rug on the floor. Use your axe to pry it off. On the landing with the jumble of blue barrels, there's some pistol ammo and a document (2/3), "Unknown: Mysterious Orders," a cryptic telegram from the GPS Secrets set. GPS Cache #1: 712454; 3416045 When you dropped down into the Research Lab, you’ll find this on your left side. The new document is part of the GPS Secrets collection. Shoot the totem (5/5) on the other side of the chain-link fence. (screenshots). Use a Rope Dart to destroy it and enter the newly opened area. ". You now receive 100 XP and a new goal. When you can’t scale no more, drop down and loot the salvage box. Climb onto it to find the relic in the corner. For more questions for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition check out the question page where you can search or ask your own question. When you’ve done both gears, call the elevator on the third floor and make your way to the second floor. You receive 100 XP and a new goal. for (i=0;i

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